The 10 Most Transformative Technologies

These are the most Transformative Technologies that will change our world.

Climate Change Can Cause Food Supply Shortage: UN Report

Human-caused climate change is dramatically degrading the Earth’s land and the way people use the land is making global warming worse, a new United Nations scientific report says. That creates a vicious cycle which is already making food more expensive, scarcer and less nutritious.

“The cycle is accelerating,” said NASA climate scientist Cynthia Rosenzweig, a co-author of the report. “The threat of climate change affecting people’s food on their dinner table is increasing.”

A special report, written by more than 100 scientists and unanimously approved by diplomats from nations around the world Thursday at a meeting in Geneva, proposed possible fixes and made more dire warnings.

“The way we use land is both part of the problem and also part of the solution,” said Valerie Masson-Delmotte, a French climate scientist who co-chairs one of the panel’s working groups.

“Sustainable land management can help secure a future that is comfortable.”

We should we be worried? Well, if we as a Human Race do nothing, then these dire warnings will materialize. However, there are technologies currently being developed that will help provide solutions. Carbon Capture and Storage is just one of the pieces to the solution. So while the United Nations is correct in suggesting that change in the way we use land should be encouraged strongly, it is not the only solution. It is a single piece to a large puzzle full of solutions.

I do believe that Humanity will work hard on providing a portfolio of solutions, and over time, the Planet will become a healthier place to live.

The Future is Bright!


Cystic Fibrosis Could be a Thing of Past!

A research team of the University of Trento used CRISPR to permanently correct two gene mutations that cause the disease. Instead of animal models, organoids derived from patients’ cells were used in this study.

It seems to be hapenning. As predicted, permanent Human Disease Eradication is actually, truly hapenning! These researchers in Italy used the CRISPR technology to “snip” out the mutated genes out of the DNA strand to eliminate the disease from the test cells.


Giulia Maule is the researcher at Cibio Labs is credited with the results. She has outlined this as the potential to permanent eradication of Cystic Fibrosis from Humanity. In Italy alone there are 2,000 cases of Cystic Fibrosis, with 200 more cases diagnosed every year.

I am a big fan of the developments and research being conducted with CRISPR technology. This truly is revolutionary for Humanity!

I can not wait to see the future advancements!

The Future is Bright!


Robots and Artificial Intelligence Are Revolutionizing Humanity

It is no wonder that we are now on the cusp of robots and Artificial Intelligence being able to perform a large myriad of functions for us.

One can see in this video the remarkable accuracy by which this robot is able to throw and stick the water bottles. This has been a fun challenge which children have recently taken on, but it is now something that a machine can do. I can now see how a robot can be programmed and trained to do pretty much anything Humanity desires.

I think sime immediate applications can be such things as robotic mining, robotic exploration of the earth, seas, and space, robotic policing, and robotic manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Guess what? These things are actually happening already today! Companies like Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic are making these dramatic advancements a reality

Actually, I can see an Autonomous Economy, where a vast majority of our menial tasks can be automated and put at the hands of robots.

So, what will happen to our jobs? This will cause a major shift in the allocation of human capital. However, as with any previously disruptive event, people are retooled to take on more valuable assignments.

I can also see a 4 day work week in the near future.

I can not wait to see how these technologies evolve. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson are the entrepreneurs embarking Humanity on this great adventure. They and their companies are changing our world… For the better!

The Future is Bright!


Can AI Artificial Intelligence Have a Bias?

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, it makes me wonder, can such technology have a bias?

There have been some examples of when Artificial Intelligence has failed or even made incorrect decisions. It is due to the datasets that AI use to base their decisions, that are at the base of this problem.

One such example is how Siri or Alexa can not understand certain types of voices. Their recognition rate is actually lower with voices of individuals from color or other ethnic backgrounds. The vast majority of voices used in the dataset used in training Alexa is vastly make and white. This causes the AI system go actually have a bias based on the developers’ own biases.

We are at the advent of AI systems, but we must remain vigilant to ensure that AI systems developed have a complete dataset to learn from and base decisions.

I do believe that systems will get better with time.

The Future is Bright!


Apple’s Hunger for Research

Apple and TimCook have spent $4.2 Billion just this past quarter alone on R&D work.  Apple really wants to define our future.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Apple was always a laggard when spending on R&D, compared to other large technology firms.

Time Cook has realized that in order to define what the future will look like, he needs to have researchers at Apple develop the next generation of products that will catapult it to new heights.

So, what doess mean for our future? It means that we will continue to witness new advances that will transform our lives!

I can not wait to see what comes out of Apple next!

The Future is Bright!

Mass Shootings Can Be a Thing of the Past!

Neuralink Presentation by Elon Must Astounds Audiences and the World

While this was a couple of weeks ago, I found myself watching Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation on YouTube again. I must admit, I was fascinated, intrigued, excited, and puzzled!

I was fascinated because it made me feel like a little kid anxiously awaiting Christmas. This presentation has been much anticipated, and therefore felt like Christmas had arrived.

Watch the YouTube presentation in it’s entirety here.

Neuralink Complete Presentation by Elon Musk

It made me intrigued because I want to learn more. This is obviously no longer of science fiction. It is quickly becoming science fact. So, like myself, we should all take a bit of time to learn as much as we can before passing judgement.

At the end of watching the presentation, I felt excited. Excited for the future of our Civilization. I can only begin to imagine what an advanced species we can become if we put this technology for solving Humanity’s problems. We do have to expect, that governments will probably rightly interfere somewhat, to ensure it is applied to good causes and not the advancement of evil.

Puzzled, was my final emotion. Not because I was confused, but because I am just not sure, at least right now, how this can be controlled. Controlled in the way we as World government need, so that it does not land in the hands of those few that wish to do evil things for their own personal gain.

So, I conclude by stating that, after all these emotions, I remain excited for the future. This is very promising and I can not wait to see it evolve.

My book, “Future Fantastic”, scheduled for release on September 15th, 2019, talks more about Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink, and other transformative technologies.

The Future is Bright!