“Future Fantastic” – The 5 Technologies That Will Shape Our Future.

The world is changing fast! Artificial Intelligence, Mars colonization, nuclear fusion, genetically modified food, and autonomous cars, will improve our lives!

“Future Fantastic” is a book that discusses 5 transformative technologies, how they will change humanity, and how we will all live in a better world!

It is in the final editing stages with an expected release date of Sept.15th, 2019.

FutureFantastic.net will be growing in the next few weeks and months! The creation of a YouTube Channel, a new PodCast, and even Movies, all focussed on the immediate future of our civilization! All these new avenues will be designed with you, our fan base in mind, to communicate with our fans and followers.

Keep an eye out for exciting releases very soon. And follow us to receive the latest updates.